PlayFab Data Explorer Timing out

Data Explorer integration into PlayFab is realtive new, and sometimes you run into errors you don’t understand. This post will try to shed some light on those and give some guidance on how to fix them

Once again, due to my work with PlayFabBuddy, I ended up with some interesting questions around utilizing the integrated Azure Data Explorer experience. In this post we will have a deeper look on one of the most encountered Error after you released your game with Data Explorer and how you can resolve it.

The Error

If you use PlayFab in development mode during your dev phase and build out your analytics queries, you most likely won’t run into any issues. Now let’s assume we are trying to get all players within your game that have logged in with a specific IP. Such a query might look like this:

| where FullName_Name == 'player_logged_in' 
| where EventData.IPV4Address == '[YourIPAddress]';

But what’s the problem if its working?

If you now launch your game, and you have 50k MAU, you will have a bunch of players logging in and creating Data. Now if you have enough events for your query to aggregate you might run into one of the following limitations:

So, before you worry, you can run queries over big data sets, and it does not require you to touch any code!

The Fix

The easiest Fix here is to just pay for Data Explorer in PlayFab. Over the “Management” tab you can choose your Performance level for your Instance and run even the biggest queries. You are billed by the minute and can scale as much as you need in order to keep the cost down!

The complicated Solution

Now if that’s not enough for you, you can use the new “Data Connections” feature and hook up your very own Azure Data Explorer that runs in your azure tenant. This enables you to have way higher scale and Data retention.


Most folks run into this problem because they simply don’t know about different performance tiers for PlayFab Data Explorer.